Prebiotics and Probiotics
that Deliver Results.

Nutrivee delivers your probiotic allies and their prebiotic food right to where you need them!

Cultivate a Thriving Internal Ecosystem

What Are Prebiotics?

If you aren’t consuming enough prebiotics in your diet then you will likely only see a fraction of the benefits from probiotic supplementation. Once your probiotic AND prebiotic needs are met will you reach optimum levels of health and vitality.

Choosing The Right Probiotic

One you’ve realized you will benefit from a probiotic, the next step is a tough one: Choosing which one is right for you. Probiotics help so many different symptoms: gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, depression, allergies, skin, immune function… how can you know which one will fix YOUR symptoms?

10 Benefits of Probiotics

Everyone is talking about how great probiotics are. Do you need them? Check out this list of the top 10 benefits of Probiotics to see if they sound like something that might benefit you. (Read More)


Nutrivee’s Advanced Probiotic formula’s unique controlled release technology delivers the good bacteria throughout your entire disgestive system. Enjoy easy, regular digestion, improved energy levels, sharp thinking, strengthened immunity and a better mood.

  • 5 Billion CFU
  • 9 Carefully Selected Strains
  • Pantented, Delayed Release Technology


Prebiotics are nutrients which we cannot breakdown for our own use therefore are instead consumed by the bacteria that lives throughout our digestive tract. Thanks to a revolutionary approach to prebiotic nutrition Nutrivee’s Advanced Prebiotic formula can greatly enhance our probiotic supplement.

  • Supports Beneficial Batceria
  • Works Within Hours
  • Contains No Starch, Sugar, Fibre


Great product. I like the extended release! I like these probiotics. I have IBS along with other issues & the probiotics help a lot! I did have a little harder time slowing them because they are a tablet.

However, it is a controlled release product so it’s worth it to get the vendor of the product all day long. It is gluten free, soy free, & noon GMO for those of you with those concerns. You only have to take one a day. I have had some probiotics give me diarrhea. That has not been the case with these. It’s a good product.
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Pamela G.

I started taking probiotics full time after my first urinary tract infection. It’s really a hardcore antibiotic that they give you for a UTI and it takes down friendly bacteria along with all the bad

 bacteria in your system that causes that infection. For me, being a woman, it means an automatic yeast infection. A good probiotic for me is one that is a good mixture of Lacto and Bifido cultures. We women need Lactobacilli cultures to maintain a healthy balance of vaginal and urinary tract flora. This keeps our body in balance. The Nutrivee Advaced Probiotic Formula with it’s controlled release works well with my body.

Not only is the Nutrivee Advaced Probiotic Formula helps me from getting a yeast infection, I also feel that it is working good in my gut. I can tell it is helping my body fight off gas and indigestion, it is helping my energy levels, and it is helping to keep constipation away (even at times when I don’t eat the best as I should).

Everyone can benefit from taking probiotics whether you are male or female – even children!  Our diets suffer.  We can’t always eat the best of food.  For one thing, there are times that we crave something a little different.  It’s not a problem to indulge in a little junk food every now and then.  Even the very healthy food can upset your tummy.  I really find that the Nutrivee Advaced Probiotic Formula is helping me achieve a good balance within me.

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Danielle S.

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To all Nutrivee customers. Nutrivee has now been rebranded to 'Vibranelle'. PLEASE NOTE: Our Advanced Prebiotic is still the exact same formula from the same manufacturer. Our Advanced Probiotic formula has changed and is now manufactured by the same manufacturer as our Advanced Prebiotic. Please purchase through our Amazon store here

Dr Keri Layton

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