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We Decided To Create The Best Probiotic Supplements

Many probiotic supplements don’t get probiotic bacteria to where you need them!

Whether it’s short shelf-life or succumbing to stomach acid or disappearing into the beginning of the small intestine and never making it close to your colon. Probiotic supplements – for all the research supporting their potential – aren’t always delivering what they promise. Simply because they can’t deliver probiotics to where you need them – deep inside your gut. That’s why we created Nutrivee’s line of advanced formula probiotics. We were determined to create probiotic supplements that delivered these incredible health allies right to where you need them.

Acid Proof

The best probiotic supplements should be acid-proof. They should make it through your stomach with nary a scratch.

Clinically Proven Strains

The best probiotic supplements use only clinically proven strains, cultured for proper identity and effectiveness.

No Refrigeration

The best probiotic supplements shouldn’t need refrigeration. It should be able to sit on a hot shelf for days.

Our Mission

We seek out and partner with smart ingredient suppliers and specialized manufacturers who are creating real probiotic solutions. So we can deliver what we promised.

And – as people like you who have had our own digestive and health challenges – it’s a personal mission as well.

To all Nutrivee customers. Nutrivee has now been rebranded to 'Vibranelle'. PLEASE NOTE: Our Advanced Prebiotic is still the exact same formula from the same manufacturer. Our Advanced Probiotic formula has changed and is now manufactured by the same manufacturer as our Advanced Prebiotic. Please purchase through our Amazon store here http://amazon.com/shops/vibranelle

Dr Keri Layton

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