Powerful Prebiotics Without the Discomfort

Nutrivee Advanced Prebiotic Formula

You know you need prebiotics to keep your health on track. Prebiotics are nutrients we can’t digest that feed the helpful probiotic bacteria inside of you.

But most prebiotics cause gas! That’s why Nutrivee developed our Advanced Prebiotic Formula. Thanks to a revolutionary approach to prebiotic nutrition, the prebiotics in this formula support a thriving, healthy microbiome in your digestive tract. Without bringing along the gas or bloating you dread.

Advanced Features

No Bloating or Gas

Is not fiber or starch-based. So it won’t cause gas or bloating.


Works in all regions of the gut, not just the large intestine.

Smaller Doses

Can be taken in smaller doses for the same effect as other fiber-based prebiotics.

Grows Helpful Bacteria

Research demonstrates Nutrivee Prebiotics can support an increased rate of growth of helpful bacteria in the colon of up to 100 times. And as much as 10-fold growth in the small intestine.

Fast Working

Takes effect within hours, not days like other prebiotics.


Is 100% vegetarian, gluten-free and GMO-free.

Unlike Most Prebiotics that you Have to Take in Large Doses, with Nutrivee Advanced Prebiotic

  • A little goes a long way! You can take a fraction of the dose you’d take with standard fiber-based prebiotics and get the same or better results!
  • You see results within hours – not days. Other prebiotics take forever to take effect. You have to wait to experience any changes.
  • With Nutrivee, you’ll see the changes that same day – within hours! Nutrivee Advanced Prebiotic Formula works with a wide spectrum of probiotic bacteria strains.

    Your Gut Needs Prebiotics – But You Don’t Need The Gas!

    The probiotic bacteria inside of you influence every aspect of your health – how you digest foods, how you sleep, your weight, your immune health, your vaginal health and much much more! If you don’t nourish your probiotics with prebiotics – the special foods these bacteria thrive on – it doesn’t matter how many probiotics you take. You’ll only experience a fraction of the benefits you could be enjoying.

    With Nutrivee Advanced Prebiotic Formula you can take a new route in probiotic nourishment. Thanks to innovative science, these special prebiotics nourish probiotic growth without giving you tummy troubles.

    Nutrivee Prebiotics Scientific Studies

    In one study, Nutrivee’s prebiotics triggered probiotic growth at 71 times the pace as the traditional fiber-based prebiotic inulin.

    In a second study, Nutrivee prebiotics spurred a significant increase in the rate of growth of the bacteria, Bifidobacterium longum. With Nutrivee prebiotics, B. longum increased its rate of growth by close to a 100-fold. Found in the colon, B. longum plays an important role in digestive and immune system health.

    In a third study, Nutrivee prebiotics spurred a 10-fold increase in the rate of growth of the probiotic bacteria, Lactobacillus lactis. L. lactis is typically found in the small intestines and helps keep the balance of bacteria here healthy.

    Prebiotic Benefits

    It’s complete prebiotic nutrition that nourishes all the probiotic bacteria inside of you. So you can be confident that you’ll get every benefit possible out of the probiotic supplements you’re taking!

    • Comfortable digestion and regularity. No more worries around mealtimes or trips to the bathroom!
    • A strong, well-regulated immune system that can respond quickly and strategically to any threat to your health;
    • A healthy and balanced vaginal microbiome.
    • Sharp thinking and excellent concentration along with a good mood overall.
    • A healthy weight; Along with a good diet and exercising, probiotics play a significant role in how your body metabolizes and stores calories.
    • Better sleep and a more energetic day!

    Ready to See this Work for Yourself?

    Get your bottle of Nutrivee Advanced Probiotic Formula with controlled release now!

    To all Nutrivee customers. Nutrivee has now been rebranded to 'Vibranelle'. PLEASE NOTE: Our Advanced Prebiotic is still the exact same formula from the same manufacturer. Our Advanced Probiotic formula has changed and is now manufactured by the same manufacturer as our Advanced Prebiotic. Please purchase through our Amazon store here http://amazon.com/shops/vibranelle

    Dr Keri Layton

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