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Just over two thousand clinical studies indicate probiotic bacteria support optimum digestive health.

But sometimes it’s hard to get these good bacteria right where you need them. Nutrivee Advanced Probiotic Formula’s unique controlled release technology delivers the probiotics to your entire digestive system. So you can enjoy easy, regular digestion along with more energy, a strong immunity, sharp thinking and even a better mood.

“I really find that the Nutrivee Advanced Probiotic Formula is helping me achieve a good balance within me.” – Danielle S.

“Great product. I like the extended release!…I have IBS along with other issues & the probiotics help a lot!” – Pamela B.

Advanced Features


Delivers probiotic bacteria to your digestive system over time using Bio-tract®, a patented time-release delivery system. So every inch of your digestive system gets the probiotic support it needs!


Is 100% vegetarian, gluten-free, and non-GMO. Contains no yeast, nuts, wheat, sugar, iron, artificial flavors or colors;

Protective Coating

Survives the stomach’s low pH thanks to a special protective coating triggered by stomach acid.

9 Different Bacterial Strains

Combines 9 different clinically-researched bacterial strains, proven to help with digestion, specifically, as well as your overall health. Each of these strains is cultured under carefully controlled conditions to ensure identity and effectiveness.


Does not need refrigeration thanks to LiveBac technology. Your friendly bacteria are safe in your purse, even on a hot, sunny day at the beach.

Health Benefits

Helps you manage digestive issues like gas, bloating, discomfort and occasional constipation; Supports a vigorous and well-regulated immune response; Supports sharp thinking and an upbeat mood; May help you maintain a healthy weight;


Great product. I like the extended release! I like these probiotics. I have IBS along with other issues & the probiotics help a lot! I did have a little harder time slowing them because they are a tablet.

However, it is a controlled release product so it’s worth it to get the vendor of the product all day long. It is gluten free, soy free, & noon GMO for those of you with those concerns. You only have to take one a day. I have had some probiotics give me diarrhea. That has not been the case with these. It’s a good product.
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Pamela G.

I started taking probiotics full time after my first urinary tract infection. It’s really a hardcore antibiotic that they give you for a UTI and it takes down friendly bacteria along with all the bad

 bacteria in your system that causes that infection. For me, being a woman, it means an automatic yeast infection. A good probiotic for me is one that is a good mixture of Lacto and Bifido cultures. We women need Lactobacilli cultures to maintain a healthy balance of vaginal and urinary tract flora. This keeps our body in balance. The Nutrivee Advaced Probiotic Formula with it’s controlled release works well with my body.

Not only is the Nutrivee Advaced Probiotic Formula helps me from getting a yeast infection, I also feel that it is working good in my gut. I can tell it is helping my body fight off gas and indigestion, it is helping my energy levels, and it is helping to keep constipation away (even at times when I don’t eat the best as I should).

Everyone can benefit from taking probiotics whether you are male or female – even children!  Our diets suffer.  We can’t always eat the best of food.  For one thing, there are times that we crave something a little different.  It’s not a problem to indulge in a little junk food every now and then.  Even the very healthy food can upset your tummy.  I really find that the Nutrivee Advaced Probiotic Formula is helping me achieve a good balance within me.

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Danielle S.

Say Hello to Being Regular, Comfortable, and Energized

  • Soothe occasional inflammation.
  • Help direct the renewal of your digestive tract at the cellular level.
  • Produce key nutrients like the B vitamins (essential for energy metabolism) and vitamin K (essential for bone and circulation health).
  • Help your body make use of good nutrition.
  • Make it easy to digest tough proteins and sugars like soy protein or lactose.

Nutrivee’s Probiotics Get Right To Where You Need Them For Excellent Digestive Health

If you dread mealtimes because of digestive health issues, you’re going to love what Nutrivee Advanced Formula Probiotics can do for you. Probiotic bacteria work closely with the cells of your body to make digestion go smoothly.

Nutrivee Probiotics is crafted to make sure these helpful bacteria make it into your entire digestive tract. Thanks to Bio-tract®, a patented delivery system. And when this healthy colony of probiotics takes up residence inside of you, you can say good bye to gas, bloating and worrisome mealtimes.

Probiotic Benefits

As you can see, probiotic bacteria play many critical roles in digestion. They can make all the difference between digestive ease and digestive issues. But their role in your health goes far beyond digestion.

  • Impact your sleep cycle, helping you sleep better at night and feel more alert during the day. Bacteria seem to play a role in the cycle of cytokine (cell-signaling chemicals) and cortisol production in your body. If you’re tossing and turning at night, it may be that your body lacks the right bacteria.
  • Sharpen your wits and buoy your mood. Bacteria play a key role in the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin (which help us feel happy and satisfied) and GABA (which helps us concentrate). Having the right bacteria in your gut can help your brain make the right calculations.
  • Keep the vagina healthy and comfortable. After the digestive system and the skin, women’s vaginas have the highest concentration of probiotic bacteria. Numerous studies demonstrate that these bacteria keep the more troublesome bacteria in check so you can stay relaxed and worry free.
  • Keep your immune system strong. Did you know the bulk of your immune system is in your gut? Dozens of clinical studies have shown people who regularly consumer probiotic bacteria enjoy good health season after season.
  • Help regulate your immune system. Probiotic bacteria actually trigger the development of Regulatory T-cells, key for managing your immune system activity. By doing so, probiotics seem to coach your immune system to exercise restraint and savvy in how they defend your body.
  • Help direct your stress response. You know stress is bad. But sometimes it’s hard to avoid. Yet we can mitigate the impact stress has on our body with the right bacteria. A preliminary study published in the Journal of Psychology indicates Bifidobacterium infantis can help us from overreacting physically to stress. Several other strains have been linked to managing anxiety and regulating your cortisol levels.

Make Sure You’re Getting The Right Bacteria!

The formulators at Nutrivee carefully selected the strains of bacteria in our Advanced Probiotic Formula to ensure you get nothing but excellent results. Just as importantly, each of these strains are cultured under carefully controlled conditions. This ensures they match the identity of the strains backed by clinical research. So you’ll know you’re getting the right probiotic bacteria.

Lactobacillus acidophilus
Perhaps one of the most studied probiotics, L. acidophilus has a proven track record of helping to reduce occasional diarrhea and other digestive discomforts. (Read More)

Bifidobacterium infantis
This probiotic bacteria has every psychiatrist and neurologist intrigued because of the impact it can have on your mood. (Read More)

Lactobacillus fermentum
Preliminary research indicates this lactobacillus bacteria may help your immune system stay strong as you age. (Read More)

Lactobacillus plantarum
One of the most common probiotic bacteria, L. plantarum has been shown to work closely with your immune cells to regulate immune response and control inflammation in the gut. (Read More)

Bifidobacterium lactis
Found in fermented milk products, B. lactis has a solid track record of keeping digestive issues at bay so you can enjoy your food and not worry about what comes afterwards. (Read More)

Lactobacillus helveticus
Preliminary studies indicate this special bacteria seems to help counter anxiety and maintain healthy blood pressure levels. (Read More)

Bifidobacterium bifidum
Clinical research published in May, 2016 Journal of Rheumatic Diseases suggests that along with Lactobacillus bacteria, B. bifidum can help you maintain comfortable joint movement by helping your body manage inflammation. (Read More)

Bifidobacterium longum
One of the first bacteria to colonize our bodies at birth, B. longum has been associated with helping you digest milk and other challenging foods. (Read More)

Lactobacillus rhamnosus
Its presence is linked to so many different health benefits – from stopping diarrhea to maintaining a good supply of the neurotransmitter, GABA. (Read More)

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To all Nutrivee customers. Nutrivee has now been rebranded to 'Vibranelle'. PLEASE NOTE: Our Advanced Prebiotic is still the exact same formula from the same manufacturer. Our Advanced Probiotic formula has changed and is now manufactured by the same manufacturer as our Advanced Prebiotic. Please purchase through our Amazon store here

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